Teacher and student resources

Join us in our living classroom to discover Australia’s rich natural and cultural heritage. Explore the connections between people, plants, and animals through inquiry based exploration and hands-on learning experiences.

  • Common Australian Plant Families

    Which family does a Banksia belong to? Explore six common Australian plant families to discover their key features.
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  • Propagating Australian Plants

    Perfect for budding botanists or gardeners, this guide will help you grow native plants, with tips on collecting and germinating seeds, and growing from cuttings.
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  • Floral Emblems of Australia

    Explore floral Emblems in your classroom or at the Gardens. Take up the challenge of choosing a floral emblem for your school, town or district.

    Download 'Floral emblems of Australia' education kit

  • Top Draw

    Years 5-12
    Botanical art, or scientific study? Use Top Draw in the classroom and your students will be ready to draw on location in your school garden, your local bush or in the Australian National Botanic Gardens. Can be used as a single lesson or a unit of work.

    Download 'Top Draw - drawing Aussie flora
    Download 'Top Draw - drawing Aussie flora further design activities

  • Using Bush Plants

    How did Aboriginal people use bush plants? Research in your classroom or take a stroll in the Gardens to discover some of the valued plants and traditional uses of Australia's native plants. Also available as a facilitated program.

    Download 'Aboriginal plant use in S.E. Australia'